Big Rapids Products is a production metal stamping company specializing in stainless steel and aluminum stampings. We manufacture hot and cold end exhaust parts, decorative exterior trim parts, chrome plated wheel claddings, body reinforcement pieces, welded assemblies and other stamped products.

Decorative Trim

Big Rapids Products produces stainless steel and aluminum stamped and roll formed trim parts for all automotive applications. Our trim parts are on many top of the line vehicles for GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, Lexus, Nissan and Honda.

Exhaust Parts

Big Rapids Products produces stamped exhaust manifolds, Stamped Muffler Shells, Muffler and Resonator housings, Internal Muffler Components, Catalytic Converter End Cones, “Y” Collectors, Heat Shields, Gas Diverters, and exhaust pipe Hangers.

Structural Components

Structural stampings produced for the automotive industry include: Door Handle Components, Sun Roof Reinforcements, A B and C Pillar Reinforcements and brackets for various applications. Many of these components require secondary operations such as welding, light assembly, e-coat and plating.

Wheel Claddings

Big Rapids Products produces decorative, stainless steel wheel claddings.  These are stamped, buffed, and nickel-chrome plated to provide a permanent, durable, and aesthetic overlay for steel wheels.  Our claddings are on some of the most popular trucks being sold.

New Innovations and Products

Big Rapids Products Produces Electric Vehicle Assemblies & Stampings, Appliance Stampings, and Building Products.